Monday, October 1, 2012

A World of Desert

"It is idle to argue which race or races were the original representatives of human culture and hence the real founders of all that we sum up under the word "humanity". It is simpler to raise the question with regard to the present, and here an easy , clear answer results.  All the human culture, all the results of art, science, and technology that we see before us today, are almost exclusively the creative product of the Aryan. This very fact admits of the not unfounded inference that he alone was the founder of all higher humanity, therefore representing the prototype of all that we understand by the word "man". He is the Prometheus of mankind from whose bright forehead the divine spark of genius has sprung at all times, forever kindling anew that fire of knowledge which illuminated the night of silent mysteries and thus caused man to climb the path to mastery over the other things of this earth. Exclude him-and perhaps after a few thousand years darkness will again descend on the earth, human culture will pass,and the world turn to a desert. " - Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf - " Nation and Race"