Monday, October 1, 2012

A World of Desert

"It is idle to argue which race or races were the original representatives of human culture and hence the real founders of all that we sum up under the word "humanity". It is simpler to raise the question with regard to the present, and here an easy , clear answer results.  All the human culture, all the results of art, science, and technology that we see before us today, are almost exclusively the creative product of the Aryan. This very fact admits of the not unfounded inference that he alone was the founder of all higher humanity, therefore representing the prototype of all that we understand by the word "man". He is the Prometheus of mankind from whose bright forehead the divine spark of genius has sprung at all times, forever kindling anew that fire of knowledge which illuminated the night of silent mysteries and thus caused man to climb the path to mastery over the other things of this earth. Exclude him-and perhaps after a few thousand years darkness will again descend on the earth, human culture will pass,and the world turn to a desert. " - Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf - " Nation and Race"

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Destruction Of National Self

"He has found the weapon which lets him dispense with democracy and in its stead allows him to subjugate and govern the peoples with a dictatorial and brutal fist. He works systematically for revolutionisation a twofold sense: economic and political. Around people who offer too violent a resistence to attack from within he weaves a net of enemies, thanks to his international influence, incites them to war, and finally, if necessary, plants the flag of revolution on the very battlefield.
In economics he undermines the state until the social enterprises which have become unprofitable are taken from the state and subjugated to his financial control.
In the political field he refuses the state the means for its self preservation, destroys the foundations of all national self maintenance and defence, destroys faith in the leadership, scoffs at its history and past, and drags everything that is truly great into the gutter.
Culturally he contaminates art, literature, the theatre, makes a mockery of natural feeling, overthrows all concepts of beauty and sublimity, of the noble and the good, and instead drags men into the sphere of his own base nature" - Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf - "Nation And Race" 

Jewish State Of Scoundrels

"The Jew's domination of the state seems so assured that now not only can he call himself a Jew again, but he ruthlessly admits his ultimate national and political designs. A section of his race openly owns itself to be a foreign people, yet even here they lie. For while Zionists try to make the rest of the world believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesnt enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; what they want is a central organisation for their international world swindle, endowed with its own soveriegn rights and remove from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks." - Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf - "Nation And Race"

The Press Wages War On Independence

"It is the press, above all, which wages a positively fanatical and slanderous struggle, tearing down everything which can be regarded as a support of national independence, cultural elevation, and the economic independence of a nation." - Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf - "Nation And Race"

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jews Steal Culture

" All thinking is based only in small part on  mans own knowledge, and mostly on the experience of the time that has preceded. The general cultural level provides the individual man, without his noticing it as a rule, with such a profusion of preliminary knowledge that, thus armed , he can more easily take further steps of his own. The boy of today, for example, grows up among a truly vast number of technical acquisition of the last century, so that he takes for granted and no longer pays attention to much that a hundred years ago was a riddle to even the greatest minds, although for following and understanding our progress in the field in question it is of decisive importance to him. If a very genius from the twenties of the past century should suddenly leave his grave today, it would be harder for him even intellectually to find his way in the present era than for an average boy of fifteen today. For he would lack all the infinite preliminary education which our present contemporary unconsciously, so to speak, assimilates while growing up amidst the manifestations of our present general civilization. Since the Jew - for reason which will at once become apparent-was never in possession of a culture of his own, the foundations of his intellectual work were always provided by others. His intellect at all times developed through the cultural world surrounding him." - Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf - "Nation And Race"

A Lie To Last Eternally

" In this they proceed on the sound principle that the magnitude of a lie always contains a certian factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people in the very shake humanity to the foundations, the other slowly and bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than consciously and purposely evil , and that, therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds, they more easily lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big. Such a falsehood will never enter their heads, and they will not be able to believe in the possibility of such monstrous effrontery and infamous misrepresentation in others; yes, even when enlightened on the subject, they will long doubt and waver, and continue to accept at least one of these causes as true. therefore , something of even the most insolent lie will always remain and stick-a fact all the great lie virtuosi and lying clubs in this world know only too well and also make the most treacherous use of." - Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf -  "Causes Of The Collapse"

Friday, August 17, 2012

Symptoms Of Decay

"All these symptoms of decay are in the last analysis only the consequences of the absence of a definite, uniformly acknowledged philosophy and the resultant general uncertainty in the judgement and attitude towards the various great problems of the time. That is why, beginning with education, everyone is half hearted and vacillating, shunning responsibility and thus ending in cowardly tolerance of even recognized abuses. Humanitarian bilge becames stylish and, by weakly yielding to cankers and sparing individuals, the future of millions is sacrificed." - Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf - "Causes Of The Collapse"