Saturday, August 25, 2012

Destruction Of National Self

"He has found the weapon which lets him dispense with democracy and in its stead allows him to subjugate and govern the peoples with a dictatorial and brutal fist. He works systematically for revolutionisation a twofold sense: economic and political. Around people who offer too violent a resistence to attack from within he weaves a net of enemies, thanks to his international influence, incites them to war, and finally, if necessary, plants the flag of revolution on the very battlefield.
In economics he undermines the state until the social enterprises which have become unprofitable are taken from the state and subjugated to his financial control.
In the political field he refuses the state the means for its self preservation, destroys the foundations of all national self maintenance and defence, destroys faith in the leadership, scoffs at its history and past, and drags everything that is truly great into the gutter.
Culturally he contaminates art, literature, the theatre, makes a mockery of natural feeling, overthrows all concepts of beauty and sublimity, of the noble and the good, and instead drags men into the sphere of his own base nature" - Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf - "Nation And Race" 

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