Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cold Night In Flanders

"And then came a damp, cold night in Flanders, through which we marched in silence, and when the day began to emerge from the mists, suddenly an iron greeting came whizzing at us over our heads, and with a sharp report sent the little pellets flying between our ranks, ripping up the wet ground; but even before the little cloud had passed, from two hundred throats the first hurrah's came to meet the first messenger of death.  Then a crackling and a roaring, a singing and a howling began, and with feverish eyes each one of us was drawn forward, faster and faster until suddenly past turnip fields and hedges the fight began, the fight of man against man. And from the distance the strains of a song reached our ears, coming closer and closer, leaping from company to company, and just as Death plunged a busy hand into our ranks, the song reaches us too and we passed it along: "Deutschland, Deutschland uber Alles, uber Alles in der Welt!" - Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf - "The World War"

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