Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The World Will Become A Department Store!

"As a young scamp in my wild years, nothing had so grieved me as having been born at a time which obviously erected its Halls of Fame only to shopkeepers and government officials.

The waves of historic events seemed to have grown so smooth that the future really seemed to belong to the 'peaceful contest of nations'; in other words, a cost mutual swindling match with exclusion of violent methods of defence.

The various nations began to be more and more like private citizens who cut the ground from under one anothers feet, stealing each others customers and orders, trying in every way to get ahead of one another, and staging this whole act amid a hue and cry as loud as it is harmless.

This development seemed not only to endure but was expected in time (as was universally recommended) to remodel the whole world into one big department store in whose vestibules the busts of the shrewdest profiteers and the most lamblike administrative officials would be garnered for all eternity. - Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf - "The World War"

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