Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recognition of Sickness

‎"The cure of a sickness can only be achieved if its cause is known, and the same is true of curing political evils.To be sure, the outward form of a sickness,its symptom which strikes the eye, is easier to see and discover than the inner cause. And this is the reason why so many people never go beyond the recognition of external effects and even confuse them with the cause, attempting, indeed,to deny the existence of the latter.

Thus most of us primarily see the collapse only in the general economic misery and the consequence arising therefrom. early everyone of us must personally suffer these a cogent ground ...for every individual to understand the catastrophe. Much less does the great mass see the collapse in its political,ethical, and moral aspect. In this feeling and understanding of many fail completely." - Adolf Hitler , extracted from Mein Kampf - Chapter "The German Workers Party"

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